"Left hand drive vehicles over 30 years old may be registered."   
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Up until recently in Victoria, if you wanted to buy one of these, before you could drive it on the road you had to convert it to RHD. Forgetting the cost to convert...the car is no longer original and in many cases not to the manufacturers specifications.

But not any more!!!

Content of the internal VicRoads Policy directive is as follows:

"VicRoads 27/11/98
Registration & Licensing - Business Rule
Registration of Left Hand Drive vehicles over 30 years old.:

"Left hand drive vehicles over 30 years may be registered.

Left Hand Drive vehicles which are more than 30 years old from the date of manufacture and have a Gross Vehicle Mass of less than 4.5 tonnes can be registered in Victoria. An amendment to the Standards for Registration has been made to remove the requirement that light vehicles over 30 years old must be Right Hand Drive.

All Left Hand Drive vehicles over 30 years old must be roadworthy and meet the gazetted Standards for Registration (evidenced by provision of a certificate of Roadworthiness).

Left hand drive signage and an observer are not required.

The standards for Registration do not require a Left Hand Drive sign to be displayed, although this is advisable. There is also no requirement for an adult observer to be carried in the right hand passenger seat."

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