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Mark and Izzy cooking up a storm
(or perhaps fish-n-chips?)

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If you have a story about the use of alternate fuels and fuel
saving devices please let us know.!
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Cooking up a storm (or perhaps fish-n-chips?)
Across Australia powered by recycled vegetable cooking oil

There are few times when one gets so seriously interested in the application of alternate fuels that he or she is prepared to undergo the work load, time and cost of experimentation, hassles with 'authorities' to prove the worthiness of a concept. The efforts of Marc and Izzy to prove their worth should be considered simply amazing.

The test vehicle is also fitted with solar and wind power. The batteries provide additional nightime power.

Consider this using waste cooking oil from restaurants, fish'n'chip shops, hamburger joints etc, mark and Izzy's device powers a diesel engined van , with fully loaded trailer and gear across Australia averaging about 120kms per 20 litres. The cost of the vegetable oil is free (if you know the right sources) ...this is remarkably cheap motoring! and equally important represents a massive saving to both the enviornment and could also provide a significant boost to the Farming community.

Izzy draining the cooking oil fuel bowl the blue fuel tank contains the cooking oil fuel

Further view of the fuel reservoir which gravity feeds the cooking oil to the heating tank located directly below.

*Engine: Diesel 2.4 litre
*Fuel: Recycled Vegetable cooking oils

As part of their ongoing search for alternate fuels Mark and Izzy are now in Timor to develop the technology for use with other energy sources, such as coconut oils.
For use around town the system in it's current development provides good aceleration and is easily maintained, however it really comes into its own when used on longer trips where the fuel costs would usually be much higher in say outback and more remote locations.

Will there be a time in the future when all road trains are using this waste resource?

Before shutting the engine down it is necessary at this stage to switch back to normal diesel fuel to ensure the injectors and hoses remain clean of the cooking oil. (For more information on how to get involved EMAIL us)

It would be a shame for this technology and others like it to vanish into the safes of the major oil companies and at this point in time when rising energy prices around the world are fuelling higher living costs as demand also increases.

The ease in location of the heater tank in the van allows for quick maintenance and monitoring of the test vehicle. Filters, valves and the small amount of plumbing which are part of the installation are handy and can be accessed quickly. In a 'production version' these items would be designed to fit a variety of models of four wheel drives, trucks and a variety of stationary diesel powered engines.


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