Specialty Panel Repairs

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Phone Geoff Bown for your body work needs.....What this man can do with a sheet of metal & a little heat (plus 30 years experience) is unbelievable.

  • Back to metal repairs and full respray,
  • Panel modification and updates,
  • Conversion to convertible,
  • Club Member Discounts
  • Specialist in aluminum panel work
  • Insurance repair

Specialty Panel Repairs

271 Edwardes Street, Reservoir, Victoria. 3073

Just a few of the awards won by vehicles prepared by Geoff at specialty panels:~

Best Ford Victorian All Ford Day 1991
Best GT HO Victorian All Ford Day 1991
Best Falcon Victorian Ford Day 1991

Best Paint Tasmanian Expo August 1991
Best Restored Tasmanian August 1991
Best Classic Tasmanian Expo August 1991

Peoples' Choice New South Wales All Ford Day 1991

Best GT HO Victorian All Ford DAy 1992
Overall Runner-up Victorian All Ford Day 1992

Best Restored Adelaide Hot Rod Show Day May 1992
Best Paint Adelaide Hot Rod Show Mat 1992

Best Paint Sydney Hot Rod Show Dandenong 1992
Best Paint Eagle Hot Rod Show Dandenong 1992

Best Overall At Show Victorian Custom Car Titles October 1992
Best Restored Victorian Custom Car titles October 1992
Top Car Winner 1985 Melbourne Street machine Show.....1956 THUNDERBIRD.(see photo)

Photo Gallery~Please note these images are quite large!

Aston Martin Aston Martin 'Thunderbird Maserati 3500 Maserati 3500

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