Tailored Car Covers offer tailor made and pre fabricated Car Covers for all types of vehicles and motorcycles

Quality covers are available ranging from:
Aston Martin, Lancia, Jaguar, Honda, Mazda, Land Rover, Lagonda, Caterham Cars, TVR, McLaren, Lamborghini, Maranello Concessionaries Limited, Renault, Austin Rover and Vauxhall.....to Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and also includes caravans

Throughout the world, the name of Tailored Car Covers enjoys an enviable reputation for the supply of quality covers with reliability. Covers are available in different forms including:~

Multiweave IITM
Lightweight economical cover is made of "Multibond," a 3-layer synthetic material from Kimberly-Clark TM. It has very good water repellency; is very easy to handle and install. Each cover is custom-made for the exact year-make & model vehicle to assure an excellent fit.

Our popular "standard" 100% soft cotton material. It's treated with 3M TM Scotchgard TM for water repellency, yet very "breathable." Think of how comfortable a 100% cotton shirt is compared to polycotton. Can be used outdoors. Perfect for protecting garaged vehicles. Custom-fit.

We've taken our 100% cotton cover and material that has flannel lining for true paint pampering luxury. This ultra dense material does a superior job of blocking LTV rays and cushions against scratches and parking lot dings. Treated with 3MTM ScotchgardTM. Great for both indoor/outdoor use.

Kimperly-ClarkTM has created a new four-layer material that is durable and offers flannel-like softness. The Dustop material is about 25% the weight of a flannel cover.

StormweaveTM  Colour samples
Kimberly-ClarkTM "Evolution 4" a durable, 4-layer synthetic fabric that's designed to work in harsh wet and windy climates. Superior outdoor protection. Dense construction cushions against hail and parking lot dings; resistant to tears and punctures. Highly water resistant.

NOAH-Kimberly Clark's revolutionary fabric provides exceptional indoor and outdoor protection against dirt, dust, rain, and other pollutants. A breathable film layer in the middle stops water, yet allows trapped condensation to escape.

This patented encapsulation process places an ultra-thin film around the fabric fibers and precisely places a durable, breathable barrier within the woven fabric to complete the high performance process. Unlike traditional coatings and laminations that just protect one side of a fabric. Nextec® uses up to 40 computerized process controls to place protective polymers inside the fabric.

Water Repellent Covers
come in beige and are made of a light weight canvass

Water Repellent Covers are light weight and simple to fit covers are double stitched for extra strength, keeps your car cool in summer, protects upholstery and paint work offer less car cleaning. Your car looks like new for longer Water Repellent Covers come with a carry bag.

100% cotton drill
Tailored to fit the contours of your car, elasticised front and back with a tie strap under the car. Optional embroided logo on the front of the cover, a choice of colours made of quality, breathable 100% cotton drill colour fast and washable.

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All our covers are beautifully designed, yet functional, individually hand-tailored dust proof or waterproof covers which are precision cut and tailored to fit any possible type of car like a second skin.

Each cover is designed with securing straps on both sides to ensure a snug professional fit.

An extensive colour range is available, together with individual specifications, such as customers own logo and makers marque.

We offer our customers a speedy and efficient service, guaranteeing quality and workmanship. Your vehicle is kept in prime condition and its value is maintained.

To ensure we meet all our customer requirements we offer an export service and prompt delivery. Our Car Covers are design tailored for more than 200 makes and models, from A.C Saloon to Willys, and also cater for a wide range of open wheeler racing cars and many makes of Motor Cycles.

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